Starting Fresh

I made this website to explore issues of the alt right from a sympathetic Jewish nationalist perspective a few months ago. This was initially a joint effort between me and two other contributors, with two of us having executive authority split between us. It was apparent, both publicly and privately, that our personal ideologies varied in significant ways. As a result, we made compromises and agreed on a baseline to work with.

One of the priorities was to have a lot of content up on the website so that people would be able to explore it early on, rather than getting frustrated or bored with the meager amount of reading material. This, along with having rather busy personal lives, caused us to recycle a number of old articles by our contributors, that weren’t ideologically cohesive with each other. I even objected to the tone and content of some of them.

I’m quite busy in real life. In fact, all of us were. And I simply wasn’t able to give much of my own time to the website. As a result, we all fell behind, and the website remained totally stagnant. I want to change that.

Well, I am taking back full control of the site, and I am going to make an effort to put up content regularly, prioritizing message clarity, content quality, and some ideological cohesiveness over sheer quantity, leading to the mess we had before.

Considering that I have single-handedly maintained this website financially, and the other contributors are totally inactive, I feel no issue taking back full executive control. I intentionally took the site down for over two weeks, and my main co-executive did not even message me, to give you an idea of where we were in terms of operations.

I apologize to any of those who had insightful comments that contributed to the conversation here that either never made it due to inactivity, or were buried in this reboot.

If you are interested in contributing, send me an email at